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After Trump Loses


After Trump Loses

We’re all so focused on Nov. 3rd that we aren’t giving much thought to what will come after. Here’s what I think will happen in American politics in the near future:

Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed to the Supreme Court on a party-line Senate vote in late October.

Donald Trump will lose the election to Joe Biden…bigly.

The Supreme Court will not play a decisive role in the presidential election outcome.

Democrats will retain control of the House and narrowly take control of the Senate in the election.

Trump will refuse to attend Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20th.

Trump will issue a blanket pardon to himself and many members of his administration the morning of Jan. 20th to “stop the witch hunt.”

If Vladimir Putin has kompromat on Trump, it will be anonymously released or used.

No new seats will be added to the Supreme Court.

Between Cyrus Vance, sexual assault civil lawsuits, potential investigation and prosecution by the Biden Justice Department, and massive debts coming due soon, Trump’s post-presidency is looking quite unpleasant.

Main blog post image by Hannah Jacobson.