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The Brilliance of


The Brilliance of

I’ve always been a bit “STEMy,” but only in the Technology sense of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. I hate math. Or, at least I thought I hated math until I tried Brilliant.

You may know Brilliant from educational advertisements that show STEM problems being solved in visual, animated ways. Those ads are awesome. Looking at them, it feels like you’ll soon be as smart as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. We may as well put all this COVID-19 time at home to some good use, right?

I finally overcame my math phobia enough to try Brilliant. It’s like learning with my high school Algebra II teacher. With Brilliant and Mrs. Lewis, this stuff somehow makes more sense, feels less intimidating, and is even kinda fun. (Kathy Lewis, if you ever read this, thank you for being so wonderful!)

What I love about Brilliant:

Brilliant is a bit pricey. There are certainly many apps and websites that teach similar topics for free or at a lower cost. But, I think Brilliant’s combination of self-guided learning, lack of testing or scores, lovely design, community, and usability across devices and situations makes it worth the cost.

If you are a student, the parent of a student, or someone interested in life-long learning, I highly recommend giving Brilliant a try.