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The GOP Has Become a Personality Cult


The GOP Has Become a Personality Cult

Tommy Tuberville won Alabama’s U.S. Senate primary against Jeff Sessions by nearly 30 percentage points this week. I am a liberal. You may be a conservative who strongly supports Donald Trump. Regardless, you should be deeply disturbed about what Tuberville’s landslide victory means for the Republican Party and our nation.

I strongly disagree with Sessions on almost every political issue and didn’t want to see him back in the Senate. But, the news that Alabama Republicans consider Tuberville a better candidate than Sessions by such a large margin chills me to my core.

Let’s consider some potential qualifications for being a Republican U.S. Senator from Alabama:

Jeff Sessions has been a deeply conservative Alabama Republican all of his life. He was one of the first major Republican politicians to endorse Trump for President in 2016. Trump might not have won the Republican presidential nomination without Sessions' early and enthusiastic support.

As Trump’s Attorney General, Sessions conducted himself as a staunch conservative and supported Trump in every way but one. Because Sessions had some dealings with Russian officials around the time of the election, he recused himself from the Russia investigation. He did not attack or criticize Trump. He simply stepped back from one investigation for an ethical reason. This was a transgression that Trump and Alabama Republicans would not forgive.

What has just happened in Alabama is an example of what is happening in Republican politics around the nation. The GOP has become a personality cult. Everyone must show allegiance to Trump at all times. No one can criticize or fail to defend the Dear Leader. The only thing that matters to most Republican voters is following Trump’s lead.

I hope with all my heart that Trump loses in November. Having one of our two major political parties engaging in this cult-like behavior is dangerous for our democracy. When voters become rubber stamps for one man’s agenda, we all lose.

Main blog post image by Sam Carter.